Take Flight Coffee - a rare transatlantic 'Under The Counter' experience - subscriber and follower exclusive

We're kicking September off with a rare and special 'under the counter' transatlantic treat.  We have acquired a limited quantity of beans from Los Angeles based roaster Take Flight Coffee.  We'll be brewing their espresso and filter from Monday 12th September, simply come into the shop and mention 'Take Flight' at the till to take advantage.  I'm hoping we have enough beans to last the week, but check stock buttons below.

The man behind the roasting drum is former Aussie barista Deaton Pigot, who started roasting in 2004 when he landed a gig at Bewleys Cafe in Dublin’s high end Grafton Street, learning behind the shop counter on a 5kg roaster.  He went on to work with esteemed US roasters’ Intelligentsia, and Tobys Estate, before going it alone in 2013 to start Take Flight Coffee.  He describes himself as a gypsy roaster (roasting on fellow roaster’s machines, during their down time) and takes the best of the three great contemporary roasting traditions, Australian, Nordic, and American.  

My wife is an Angelino Valley girl, and together with our 6 year old we returned to her home of California for the month of August to catch up with friends and family.  Inevitably on any holiday, I drag them to far off places to visit roasteries, soup shops and juice bars, scouring for Nincomsoup inspiration.  But this trip I wanted to bring back something special for all those who have supported us in our 3rd wave coffee endeavours, and Take Flight Coffee have provided a couple of gems.  Deaton very kindly roasted for us the day before our flight back home, and I sped across LA late at night to do the pick up, it felt like an illicit drug deal.  Wait, caffeine is a drug… the deal did go down, and I hate to break it to you, but I’m your dealer.  

When I say we have a rare and special treat, I’m not joking.  The first is a filter coffee, the much sought after and expensive Kenya Nyeri AA, which is very much a Kenyan for aficionados, and features intense racing acidity and pungent fruit.  And the second, a single origin espresso from Ethiopia, from the Sidamo region which features a creamy body with lemon and cherry notes.

Quantities are very limited and exclusive to our subscribers and followers, and likely to last for the week only.  To order your Take Flight filter or espresso experience, simply mention 'Take Flight' at the till along with your order.  Don’t miss out.

Co-Founder Nincomsoup 

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More about Take Flight Coffee and Deaton: Listen to Jared Truby and Chris Baca from Cat & Cloud, interview Deaton. Jared and Chris themselves, have an interesting story to tell and happen to have one of the most entertaining coffee podcasts around.