Nincomsoup is a fast casual diner specialising in global soups, cold press juices, and speciality coffee.  Founded by two brothers Ben and Tom Page-Phillips, we provide a healthy alternative to the usual fast food suspects. We are a small independent business with a real kitchen where we bake, steam, chop and stir our food from scratch, using own recipes. We have a daily rotating menu to ensure our diners are exposed to a healthy variety of foods along with specialist dietary options. 


Nincomsoup was officially born on 30th of November 1999 after the two brothers hatched a business plan having tasted their way through the fast food markets of New York and London. They sold their home, Ben quit his job, Tom got out of bed, and all the proceeds of their house went into the 'soup pot'. In April 2000 they signed the lease for an unlikely subterranean site in Old Street Tube Station (former site of a well known burger chain). A year later thanks to the creative talents of Daam and N.B. Studio and the hard labour of Two Up Two Down Builders, Nincomsoup opened its doors in May 2001 and the ladling began.

Food Philosophy

At Nincomsoup we strive to provide simple, honest, 'real' food. We want our food to make a difference to people's day, we understand that what you eat effects your mood, your decisions and your relationships. At the core of our philosophy is our constantly changing menu, we believe the key to a healthy diet is a varied diet and our rotating menu ensures our customers are exposed to a variety of different foods.  Our recipes and menus are created to ensure that specialist dietary needs are also catered for, such as low fat, wheat free, dairy free, vegetarian, and vegan.

Our Soups

We make our own soups, from scratch, on site, everyday, click here for Today's Soups. Recipes and inspirations for our soups come from all over, begged, borrowed, and occasionally stolen (soup espionage, huh?), but whatever the source, each one is carefully crafted into a true nincomsoup. The two defining features of a nincomsoup are bold flavours and an abundance of ingredients. Nincomsoups are the heart and soul of our business and not surprisingly a lot of love and dedication goes into making them


Our range of cold pressed juices are made in our kitchen using a masticating juicer that we affectionately call Heidi. Juicing with Heidi is expensive, it's slow and labour intensive, but the liquid that flows from their spouts is nectar, and punches a nutritional advantage over other juicing methods. This cold pressed method reduces enzyme activity and prolongs the life of the juice. Centrifugal juicers by comparison spin at high speed, generating heat and enzyme activity causing rapid decline in vitamins and nutrients, requiring the juice be drunk immediately. Unlike the cold pressed juices you normally find on the shelves, our Cold Pressed Juices are raw, unpasteurised, and therefore uncompromising nutritionally, this alone makes them a rare find.

Our juice making kit includes an extravagant, but we feel essential FMC Citrus juicer (about the price of a mid range car but without the emissions), which unlike most citrus juicers you'll find out there, uniquely strips away the skin before juicing thereby avoiding any contamination from the bitter oils or pesticides present on the skin .


We’ve partnered with one of London’s top speciality coffee roasters, ‘Ozone Coffee’.  These guys are also Shoreditch based and our beans are roasted at their roastery on Leonard Street (literally a beans throw from us), and we encourage you to visit their beautiful roastery and cafe.  Ozone are committed to sustainable and ethical practices and pay a premium for their green beans which directly benefits the coffee farmer. Our beans are roasted to order, and then wheeled over to us to guarantee the freshest of beans.  Our baristas love talking coffee, come by for a chat and check out our home brew retail area featuring our favourite pieces of kit, or book a brew demonstration.     


Nincomsoup Brothers

The Nincomsoup brothers grew up in West London with a Cordon Bleu trained cook for a mother and an eclectic antique dealer for a father. Growing up around an abundance of good food, an endless supply of home brewed ginger beer, home cultured yoghurt, and the wafting morning aromas of freshly baked bread, it must have been inevitable that the brothers would try and recreate those same childhood comforts and flavours.